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Business analytics at the Big Data Congress in Barcelona

Big Data Congress BarcelonaToday saw the launch of the Big Data Congress in Barcelona, where over one thousand international companies and experts showcase their expertise and discuss the wide range of possibilities offered by massive-scale and diverse use of data, which is the essence of Big Data.

Everyone agreed on the lack of qualified professionals affecting the market and on the difficulties to penetrate business with this technology, which is already one of the frontrunners on the grid for the majority of strategic innovation plans of any company.

Costaisa is also driving the implementation of this technology in solutions it offers the market, in the clinical field (Health Information System, telemedicine, nephrology or research, etc.) and within a management scope (ERP, BI, quality, maintenance, etc.). It is also a member of Bioinformatics Barcelona and collaborates in the Big Data work group of Ametic.