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Angular, Ionic, Java and Typescript, the last batch of corporate training at Costaisa

PortátilCostaisa's development team has just carried out front-end and back-end training sessions with Angular, Ionic, Java and Typescript, within the corporate training program that the company is developing this year and from which it will benefit a good part of its About 200 professionals.

On this occasion, twenty people have been able to carry out this last round of training and deepen the technologies used in development projects as well as knowing the internal work model and the "best practices" recommended to follow.

The training sessions were held in the training room of the company at its headquarters in Príncep d'Astúries, with capacity for more than thirty people.

With half a century of experience, Costaisa is a reference in information technologies, a sector where the evolution of profiles and technologies occurs much faster than other sectors.