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The most awaited Google I / O kicks off with a very promising display of news and solutions

Google IOCostaisa has attended Google I / O '21, the great worldwide dissemination event in which the American multinational presents its news and its strategic vision of how the technology in which they are market leaders will evolve in the coming years. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and Google, presented the work lines to improve searches and natural language recognition, as well as new functions in Maps and collaboration tools, where Costaisa has extensive experience after deciding to implement internally and formalize partnership with Google.

A special section was related to health after the acquisition of Fitbit and the benefits will be integrated into its new operating system, Wear OS, for better monitoring of health and fitness. Privacy and security were also protagonists, where Google intends to improve the user experience in its configuration, as well as incorporate new functions in password management.