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The Nextcare project on personalised care for the chronically ill gets underway

Presentación de Netxcare

Last Friday marked the beginning of the Nextcare project which promotes a new model of personalised care for the chronically ill with the support of digital solutions. Eurecat is leading this personalised medicine initiative in which "Costaisa will play a strategic role in defining the framework of deployment", according to Francesc Mateu, Telemedicine Manager in the company.

The project includes 23 companies, associations and research centres and aims to "be an inclusive project that enables collaboration among companies and the public administrations, and is scalable", says Mateu, "with initial focus placed on Catalonia but applicable to other markets". Solutions will be based on the concept of P4 Medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory) which will be very highly technology-oriented.

Costaisa has participated in around ten European projects concerning innovation in healthcare technology, and particularly in the field of rehabilitation for patients with chronic illnesses, such as the Hipermed project which received the Eureka Award in 2014 and the Innova eVia award in 2015.