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Cenia incorporates the functionalities and execution phases of the original JCL in mainframe environments

JCL CeniaThere is still an important installed base of applications based on Natural Adabas, not so much because of their number but because they continue to be core pieces in the information systems of large leading corporations in their respective sectors worldwide. They share a common characteristic: they have a long history in information systems and digital transformation, and if they have not changed these systems based on Natural Adabas, it is because they have absolute performance and reliability.

However, being a proprietary technology, the cost of licenses is recurring and significant, and the ability to make applications evolve is limited both by the capabilities of the libraries and by access to qualified professionals. And we must add the high cost of having to maintain the mainframe infrastructures that support them. The business is committed, that's why these large corporations do not consider the change.

Until Cenia arrived, a Natural Adabas application modernization solution that allows the automatic compilation and/or conversion of the source code of the written application to Java, which in its latest release incorporates a Job Control Language (JCL) manager that runs on IBM mainframe operating systems.

With this new module, Cenia converts to java all the functionalities and execution phases of the original JCL:

  • Execution and partitioning prioritization
  • Stop or wait instructions
  • On-line system access locking
  • Table access restrictions
  • Program execution
  • Calls to other modules.
  • JCL sequencing
  • Execution of Sort Statements
  • Reading and writing workfiles
  • Calculation of dates
  • Backups
  • automatic restores
  • FTP and ability to copy to a destination mount path

The JCLs converted with Cenia can be edited and compiled both from the Eclipse development environment and from the Cenia terminal. They can be run directly from the environment itself or sent to queuing on a schedule. The JCLs are then executed according to schedule, in the available partition that the JOB class manages and is not paused or stopped.

Cenia has led the modernization of applications based on Natural Adabas in our country, with 100% success in all the projects it has carried out and which represent more than 50 million lines of code that have been "released", allowing companies ensure business continuity.