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Chile adds up another Gestpath implementation as pathology anatomy laboratory management solution

Clínica Las Condes, ChileClínica Las Condes has awarded Costaisa the implementation of its information system for the management of its Pathological Anatomy Service. GestPath is the chosen solution, and it allows the management of all the processes associated with each type of anatomopathological study, from the work order and arrival of samples to the laboratory, to the digital sending and certification of diagnostic reports, and the subsequent archiving of samples.

Clínica Las Condes is the health reference center concerning Physician Excellence in the Las Condes district of Santiago de Chile, with nearly 600 physicians distributed in three medical centers. With the support of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile, it also has accreditation by the American College of Pathologists (CAP) and is the first Chilean clinic to be accredited by the Joint Commission International quality system.

Gestpath has been developed by Esblada Medical Solutions, which has a team of engineers specialized in Pathological Anatomy, and Costaisa is its partner for international marketing in some LATAM countries, and participates in the integration for large projects of implantation in Spain. At present, there are more than thirty centers that have the solution implemented, and in three different countries with different regulatory framework, which demonstrates their ability to adapt and their configuration flexibility.