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DataConnect: integrating healthcare information

DataConnect is a multi-device solution to integrate healthcare information, which integrates the business rules to abstract data sets: finance, income cycles, supply chain, clinical operations, healthcare supply and resource planning.


  • Unifying the treatment system and data sending for all healthcare levels, regardless the software used per center or healthcare level.
  • Incorporating an efficient validation and management tool with dynamic validations and controls based on encoding rules, regardless the healthcare management in question.
  • Providing a tool to define and modify data structures regardless the application manufacturer, in order to adjust the tool to self-requirements as well as specific requirements from the government departments receiving this information.
  • Facilitating data delivery by automating file generation and delivery processes or online communication with systems with this feature.
  • Facilitating the classification and query of different code records according to standard search criteria.
  • Facilitating interoperation between the coding and data validation with system as well as the information provider and recipient systems using high level integration tools and market standards.


Latest version:
V2.20 - 15/07/2022
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