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DataConnect complies with new coding regulation for registration on Social Health CMBD

Médico con tabletThe Servei Català de la Salut (CatSalut) recently published the new regulation on coding palliative care procedures for registration on the Minimum Basic Data Set of social and health resources (CMBD-RSS).

DataConnect, the solution developed by Costaisa for coding and sending obligatory healthcare and management data to third parties, is equipped to meet these new requirements set by CatSalut. It also logs patient RUG variables and the day hospital solution is also coded with a variables model similar to that used for acute hospitals.

The solution also allows users to report CMBD, obligatory diseases, invoicing data for insurance entities or waiting lists, etc.

Social Health CMBD
The CMBD-RSS systematically records data on treated morbidity and activities related to care within the social and healthcare network of Catalonia. It is an essential tool to manage centres, improve healthcare quality, adapt care and define the list of services available.
It is part of the CMBD system launched by CatSalut in 2003 to compare the different sources of data on activity carried out in acute care hospitals, the mental health network and social and healthcare resources.

With respect to CMBD-RSS, information is collected regarding healthcare activity carried out in social and healthcare resources in Catalonia (hospitalisation, home care and outpatient care) such as, for example, operations concerning the nervous, musculoskeletal and integumentary system, or the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive or urinary system.