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Digital competences of professionals to be debated in the second Cross-Sectoral ICT Health session of the Digital Cluster

Sesión de Profesionales en Cluster DigitalHow and what we teach are key to advancing the digital skills of our health professionals, the experts who have participated in the second "Cross-Sectoral" session of the Digital Cluster have agreed, which promotes meeting points between the ICT sector it represents and the Health sector.

This second debate was also moderated by Francesc Mateu, Director of Telemedicine at Costaisa, and was attended by Julio Lorca, DKV Director of Digital Health Development; Marco Inzitari, Director of Integrated Care and Research, Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili; Yolanda Lupiáñez, Innovation & Digital Transformation Director, Fundació TICSalut Social; Antoni Yuste Marco, Director of Research, Innovation and Teacher at the Consorci Sanitari de l'Alt Penedès i Garraf; and Sergi Iglesia Reina, Technical Secretary at Fundació Salut Empordà, who shared with attendees their vision of the challenges that health professionals are currently facing.

It is considered that around 40% of professionals are not sufficiently trained and both the Administration and health providers are promoting different actions for the development of the digital curriculum, training for citizens and the incorporation of digital solutions that are already working in other sectors. There is also a certain resistance to change due to inertia in organizations with budgets and structures that are not adapted to the agility and flexibility necessary to swiftly implement innovative actions. Therefore, a cultural change is necessary in organizations so that they see innovation as an investment and not as an expense.

The experts consulted also advocate giving recognition and self-management capacity to professionals to change the care model. Organizations must be facilitators and a balance must be found between flexibility and establishing certain common rules of the game based on the best practices observed. And all this with the limitation of a regulated context and with guidelines set by the Administration…