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Costaisa adds Gestpath to its hospital management solutions portfolio

Logo de GestpathEsblada Medical Solutions has entrusted Costaisa with the international marketing of Gestpath, the company's management solution for pathological anatomy laboratories. Gestpath covers the whole workflow relating to anatomopathological tests, integrating it with all the other laboratory processes.

Costaisa has added this pathological anatomy management tool to its wide range of products that cover most of the information system requirements of healthcare centres, including clinical requirements (HIS, telemedicine, LIS, PACS, nephrology, blood banks and biomedical research) and non-clinical requirements (ERP, ECM, quality management, interoperability, maintenance and shift management).

Gestpath was developed by an engineering technical staff and a team of pathologists with more than 20 years of experience, and follows the guidelines of the White Paper on Anatomical Pathology and the Organic Law on Data Protection.

It allows full control of the information relating to samples (information concerning the applicant's request, submitted material, processing, diagnosis, invoicing, etc.) and ensures the traceability of sample processing, from reception of the material to delivery of the report, including the relevant invoice.