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Costaisa attends the General Meeting of Bioinformatics Barcelona at the Casa de Convalecencia

Asamblea BIB 2018Costaisa has attended the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Bioinformatics Barcelona Association (BIB), held at the Casa de Convalecencia, where an overview was given of the actions undertaken, both on an institutional level and by different work groups that focus on company operations, by the association.

One of its main areas of work is Big Data, which is also one of Costaisa's main innovation areas. Costaisa has been working in this area for a number of years and it has formalised agreements with important technology partners regarding project design and implementation.
The BIB is a non-profit organisation that fosters training, research, knowledge transfer and technology and it encourages competitiveness and innovation within the industrial sector in the field of bioinformatics.

It was founded three years ago and it currently comprises 55 leading institutions related to the bioinformatic sector, like Costaisa, undertaking their activity within the health and technology sector.