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Costaisa attends the 9th Annual Conference of the Biomedical Research Technology Platforms

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Today, Costaisa is attending the "9th Annual Conference of the Biomedical Research Technology Platforms: Innovative Medicines, Nanomedicine, Health Technology and Biotechnology Market" organised by Fenin, Farmaindustria and Asebio, which for two days plays host to the main health experts and authorities on the subject.

This edition will address the new regulatory framework including Royal Decree 1090/2015 on Clinical Trials, and the challenge of reusing data for biomedical research, safeguarding ethical and legal issues whilst paving the way for scientific progress.

OntoCRF is Costaisa's solution for collecting and transferring information from each subject taking part in a study or clinical trial. It helps centralise data collection in a coordinated way through the design of ontologies. In addition, it has recently included new features to allow research teams to independently extract and use data.