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Costaisa attends the presentation of the Homecare study on the future of home care technology

Estudio HomecareThe Fundación Tecnología y Salud belonging to Federación Española de Empresas de Tecnología Sanitaria ("Fenin"), together with Fundación Edad y Vida, have presented the report "Future Model: Home Technology to Support Social and Health Care" on the importance of health technology for the support of social and health care at home.

The report has highlighted the increase in longevity and dependency, along with the widespread demand to stay at home as long as possible. The aging of the population and the increase in the number of people with a multi-pathological profile have led to a change in the care model in recent years, where technology has accelerated the process of standardization of digital health as a complement to traditional healthcare.

Costaisa has a special interest in the discipline since it has a wide trajectory in remote care projects in its different modalities: teleconsultation, video consultation, telemonitoring, monitoring, virtual assistance, etc.

Fenin represents more than 80% of the health technology sector in the Spanish market, which generates 25,500 jobs and 7.8 billion billings. Founded in 1977, Fenin was founded with the mission of bringing together Spanish companies in this sector, coordinating and defending their general interests and representing them before the regional, national and European authorities.