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Costaisa attends a technical session on language and cognitive technologies applied to Healthcare

La Unió sesión PLN"Language and cognitive technologies applied to Healthcare" were the main focus of the technical session organised by La Unió, the benchmark Catalan organisation in the healthcare and social sector, of which Costaisa is a collaborating partner.

During the session, different cases of using Natural Language Processing, to generate knowledge and support the healthcare professional, could be seen automatically through structured and unstructured medical documentation.

Its application was also presented in chatbots - virtual assistants that allow for the automation of conversations with patients and healthcare professionals - which is already actively in use in the retail, education and banking sectors.

La Unió is made up of over one hundred healthcare, social and dependent adult care centres, which combine around 400 centres and some 60,000 professionals. This is in addition to a score of collaborating partners.