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Costaisa is invited to present her Healthcare Training Management Platform at the InDemand Murcia Gala

Inma Roig, abajo a la izquierda, ponente en inDemand 2019Costaisa has presented its Healthcare Training Management Platform project, at the 'Murcia 2019 inDemand Gala' that was held yesterday, where the experiences of the first edition and the winning challenges of the present edition of inDemand in digital health innovation have been presented, led by the health professionals of the Murcia Health Service (SMS).

The Community of Murcia will develop the four awarded projects, which have been proposed by the professionals of the Ministry of Health and the Murcian Health Service (SMS) to improve health care through new technologies. The presented projects deal with the monitoring of pregnancy and the postpartum period, management and monitoring of physical exercise prescribed by the health professional, treatment of chronic wounds and the search for occupational diseases.

The Health Counselor of the Community of Murcia, Manuel Villegas, opened the gala in which the four winning projects were presented among the 32 proposals presented. The Region of Murcia leads the European inDemand project on digital health, in which the regions of Oulu (Finland) and Paris (France) also participate.

inDemand is a pioneering initiative that aims to develop digital solutions that contribute to improving health care from a new perspective: the co-creation between health professionals and technology companies such as Costaisa, which has been developing solutions for 50 years in information technologies, for the health and insurance sector.