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Costaisa is invited to present its tele-geriatrics project at the SEMEG conference

Francesc Mateu en el congreso de la SEMEGThe 8th National Conference of the Spanish Society of Geriatric Medicine came to a close on Saturday following three days of intense work, where nationally and internationally renowned speakers presented the keys to efficiently implementing knowledge in the specialist field.

Costaisa was asked to demonstrate a successful implementation of a tele-geriatrics project. Francesc Mateu, Director of Telemedicine at the company, presented the tele-geriatrics project that provides service to a network of three hospitals and thirty retirement homes within the healthcare region of the metropolitan area of Paris (Île-de-France), where more than 12 million live.

25 telemedicine services for a platform of 338 professionals are included in the directory and include tele-consultation (traumatology, dermatology and neurology), remote assessments (haematology and general medicine) and remote care (wound care and dressings), as well as access to palliative care, wound care, pain, urology, geriatrics and pneumology.

The project got underway in 2015 and the telemedicine platform Phemium was the implemented solution, nowadays providing a service to around 20 institutions (Sanitas Blua, Asepeyo, University Clinic of Navarre or Luxmed (Poland), among others), with more than 25,000 medical interventions performed each month and over 1,000 doctors involved.