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Costaisa signs an international distribution agreement with Listplus

Acuerdo ListPlusCostaisa has signed an agreement with Listplus in order to internationally and exclusively market their quality and certification management platform (ScoM) for the health industry, following standards that are preloaded to the system.

This solution supports different standards of certifications and quality management (Joint ComissionISO, etc.), as well as legal and technical regulations for each country. In addition, it allows support and monitoring of any internal/external control policies agreed by the organization.

It allows the insertion of data, the visualization of the advance status and completion with the standard, as well as the respective management of the associated documentation. Listplus offers the following functional modules:

  • Completion manager: monitoring of each standard, evidence management and alerts in case of deviation.
  • Document manager: safe storage, with access profiles, traceability management, version control and content validity
  • Indicator management: monitoring of indicators and executive management
  • Process manager: workflow management according to the business rules and alerts
  • Form manager: design of data loading forms, multidevice

Listplus has been implemented in more than 25 health centres of Chile, specifically at the Clínica Alemana de Santiago and Clínica Las Condes, three of the best health centres of Latin America.