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Costaisa Group donates stars to promote research of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia with the Clinic

Proyecto ARI Regala una estrella

Costaisa Group has joined the Proyecto Ari cause in support of Ariana Benedé, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at the age of 13 and who after a long fight against the disease died in September this year. The funds raised contribute to research and intensive care projects within the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, which is also the sponsor.

Ari campaigned for the Spanish launch of an treatment called CART (Chimeric Antigen Receptor-Modified T-Cells) that is administered in the USA. The funds raised so far have helped buy a state-of-the-art bioreactor to develop this innovative immunotherapy that is capable of eliminating, in up to 85% of patients, this type of leukaemia that is resistant to conventional treatments.
It has also enhanced the home care of patients with leukaemia and is about to be launched in the public health system.

The Clinic Institute of Haematological and Oncological Diseases (ICMHO) of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona is a national and international benchmark in the research and treatment of leukaemia. On a more specific note, around three years the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and Costaisa signed a collaboration agreement to sell, develop and offer support through OntoCRF, an online data collection logbook responsible for the design of the centre's Medical Informatics Unit that uses many national and international research equipment units.