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Costaisa sets up the electronic invoicing of suppliers in Consorci Sanitari del Maresme

Hospital de Mataró CSdMThe Consorci Sanitari del Maresme (CSdM) has entrusted Costaisa with the development, implementation and support of a solution for the digitalisation, safekeeping, receipt and approval circuit of the electronic invoicing of its suppliers, integrated with its SAP ERP systems. Since it was implemented in November 2015, more than 8,000 invoices have already been managed electronically.

The project initially arose out of the need to comply with Law 25/2013 regulating the obligation to submit electronic invoices to the Public Authorities but CSdM chose to use it as a starting point for the technological transformation of invoicing processes, by digitalising the whole process, regardless of the format (electronic, mail, PDF or paper) and the nature of the invoice, from the electronic receipt, certified digitalisation of paper invoices, by means of their smart scanning and safekeeping, up to the implementation of their approval circuit.

This project has been implemented in a very positive manner as, with a volume of 20,000 invoices of suppliers a year, basically in paper format and by manual accounting, there has been a shift towards the prior and direct accounting of invoices, thereby reducing the management and validation process times and making significant savings of paper and reducing errors, which means that the functions of the administrative team can be reallocated to tasks of a greater added value.

Sapasfact: electronic invoicing
Costaisa has collaborated with its subsidiary Sapas, a partner of SAP and Saperion in order to implement and set in motion the project, based on Sapasfact, its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution which covers the digitalisation, safekeeping and receipt of electronic invoices and the connectivity with the Gefact platform of the Government of Catalonia. Furthermore, it includes the capture, storage, filing, distribution, validation and accounting processes integrated in a bi-directional manner with the economic and financial systems of SAP.

Based on Saperion, it reduces the management costs of the related documentation (processing and physical and ecological storage), and guarantees the traceability and legal management of documentation throughout the whole life cycle of the document. In addition, it integrates Kofax Capture and KTM for the "smart and automated" capture, recognition and extraction of data, EdasFacturas for the certified digitalisation and the workflows administrator of Saperion for approval and accounting on SAP.

Both Saperion and Kofax/KTM are products of Lexmark Enterprise Software, formerly Perceptive Software, which according to the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant of ECM is qualified as a global leader in the category.