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Costaisa would plant more than 1,000 trees with the obtained reduction of 60% of its CO2 emissions

diseno-tecnologico-concepto-ecologia_23-2148437174 Designed by FreepikCostaisa has reduced its CO2 emissions by 60% since 2018, thanks to the good environmental and organizational awareness practices implemented, which in terms of contribution to sustainability would translate into having planted more than 1,000 trees. It is estimated that emissions of 0.3 tons of CO2 from energy consumption, heating, hot water and lighting are equivalent to planting one tree, and the consumption of one ton of non-recycled paper is equivalent to planting 15 trees.

Our company is committed to reconciling work and family life and teleworking is a common practice, so consumption has been greatly reduced. But our environmental awareness goes back a long way: since 2011 we have reduced our paper consumption by 72%.

Costaisa is ISO 14001 certified, the international environmental management standard that demonstrates the company's real commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, and periodically carries out various awareness campaigns to continue promoting waste recycling, lower water consumption and reduce energy consumption.