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Costaisa boosts its telemedicine services by purchasing Phemium

PhemiumCostaisa has decided to boost its telemedicine services by purchasing the Phemium platform and incorporating its producing unit, previously managed by the Belgian Androme Group.

The aim of the Phemium platform is to provide with the necessary technology to implement quickly -and at a low cost- customised telemedicine scenarios ("patient-professional" and "professional-professional"), such as teleconsultation, telediagnose, telerehabilitation or telecare.

According to Julián Casado, General Manager of Costaisa, "by adding Phemium to our product portfolio, we confirm our strategic commitment to e-health, where we have been developing pioneer projects for a while. In addition, this platform has become one of the main assets of our investment plan, in order to add more functionality and a bigger integration capability to it".

According to Francesc Mateu, in charge of Phemium from its early days and new Telemedicine Manager of Costaisa, "for a long time, we have wanted to face the challenge to access a global market, and we can safely do it now, while maximizing many synergies both at a commercial and product level".

Costaisa has been recently awarded the design and implementation of a teleconsultation, remote assessment and geriatric telecare service for the health area of metropolitan Paris (Île-de-France), composed of two hospitals and thirty residences. The project includes the telemedicine platform development, the provision of the necessary equipment as well as its distribution in the territory.