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Costaisa presents Phemium, its telemedicine platform, at the MWC

App de Tu Pediatra Online

Costaisa is to present Phemium, its telemedicine platform, at the GSMA Mobile World Congress held from the 22nd to 25th of February in Barcelona. It is the world's most important event on mobile technology and brings together the leading companies and professionals in the sector.

In 2015, 93,000 professionals attended and the exhibition zone hosted 2,000 international companies. This year, Phemium will once again have a space alongside Tu Pediatra Online, which uses our telemedicine platform and an associated App to carry out paediatric consultations via video call, online chat and/or email, answered by a team of collaborating paediatricians.

After offering IT solutions to the healthcare sector for around fifty years, Costaisa is one of the main driving forces behind telemedicine in Spain thanks to Phemium, which is also pioneering telemedicine services in the cloud.

Costaisa and its platform have been key players in the majority of private telemedicine initiatives in our country and it has started to export its experience abroad, mainly to Europe and Latin America. Stand-out international projects include those carried out for Grupa Luxmed (Poland), Télégéria IF (France) and Natclar (Peru), and those in our country for Sanitas, Clínica Universidad of Navarra, Clínica Juaneda, Mutua Universal, Asmedit, and Salut & Sport-S2, among others.

Phemium can easily connect to any medical device and be integrated with third-party information systems. The configuration possibilities by using interfaces for patients and professionals, and the combinations of Apps, devices and system integration, allow the many facets of telemedicine to be encompassed.

  • Teleconsultation between professionals and patients through video conferencing or asynchronous means
  • Remote monitoring of chronic patients
  • Telehospital with access to medical information and remote patient monitoring
  • Telerehabilitation with instructed and monitored exercises
  • Telecare with assistance by a specialised call centre, geolocation, route marker, availability management, etc.
  • Remote clinical examinations and assessments
  • Remote emergencies (teleictus)

Costaisa also has a portfolio of products that covers the majority of information system requirements of healthcare centres, both clinical (HIS, telemedicine, LIS, PACS, nephrology, pathological anatomy and biomedical research) and non-clinical (ERP, ECM, quality management, interoperability, shift organisation and management).