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Costaisa renews the contract with Unión de Mutuas for maintenance of its Health Information System

Unión de Mutuas, PaternaUnión de Mutuas has renewed its contract with Costaisa for the maintenance of its Health Information System (HIS), Chaman, for a period of two years. This will give continuity to the service that Costaisa has provided for more than fifteen years.

The renewed service includes HIS and its Surgery, Emergencies, Hospitalisation, Computer-Assisted Prescription and Diagnostic Imaging modules, as well as technical support and a call centre-based user service. An annual work hours package is also included, for making adjustments and implementing any development changes needed for additional requirements that may arise.

Unión de Mutuas provides outpatient care and hospitalisation in its 31 centres across Spain, where it attends the needs of companies relating to accidents at work and work-related illness, in collaboration with the Social Security system.