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Costaisa renews the certification of its Environmental Management system and exceeds the Quality control

OficinasCostaisa has passed the follow-up audit of its ISO 9001 certificate of Quality Management and also passed the renewal of its ISO 14001 Environmental Management, which means extending the rule's validity for three more years.

This certificate review process is carried out periodically and it's a requirement of the certification itself to determine that the compliance of our management systems is maintained for each standard, particularly, of the quality and excellence in the management and attention to our customers (ISO 9001) and in preventing pollution derived from our productive activity (ISO 14001).

Costaisa performs periodic audits to verify the functioning of its management systems through the evaluation of environmental and quality aspects, with the corresponding definition of actions to improve its performance.

AENOR is founder and member of the International Certification Association IQNet, the largest international association of management systems certification agencies.