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Costaisa continues to save trees in times of pandemic and reaffirms its commitment to the environment

BroteThanks to good environmental practices and staff awareness, in Costaisa we have saved 860 trees, 60% less than the previous year, due to the reduction in activity of our team of professionals in offices, since the bulk of them continue to carry out their work in the telework modality for a year, due to Covid.

These good practices in Costaisa began in 2013 with the obtaining of the ISO 14001 certificate, the international standard of environmental management that demonstrates the company's real commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Since then we have carried out various awareness campaigns to promote waste recycling, lower water consumption and reduce energy consumption, which have borne fruit: 11,840 trees have been saved since we formalized our commitment to the environment and sustainable development.

This calculation is made possible by the translation of lower energy consumption, heating, hot water and lighting, in terms of lower CO2 emissions. It is estimated that 0.3 tons of CO2 is equivalent to planting one tree, and the consumption of one ton of non-recycled paper is equivalent to planting 15 trees.