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Costaisa adds the HL7 FHIR to its clinical software compliance standards

Centro hospitalarioPart of Costaisa's technical and analyst team has attended an HL7 course under the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard with the aim of reinforcing its incorporation in the set of clinical field applications that we develop.

During the three days of the training program, attendees were able to deepen the messaging requirements and clinical documents required by the FHIR standard, as well as the new security and audit paradigm that it offers.

FHIR is the latest standard of clinical interoperability being developed by HL7, an international organization born in the USA for the development of global standards to facilitate the electronic exchange of health information, and Costaisa is a member and founder of its chapter in Spain.

FHIR is establishing itself as an interoperability standard due to its semantic robustness, its ease of implementation and because it is based on modern web-based communication technologies (HTTP, XML, JSON, etc.).