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Costaisa and BITAC sign an agreement for the distribution of codification services in Latam

Acuerdo Costaisa BitacCostaisa has formalized an international distribution agreement for the medical documentation services offered by BITAC: standardization of catalogues and consultancy in codification standards such as those in medical terminology SNOMED-CT, CIE9 and CIE10, explorations SERAM, laboratory results LOINC; or nursing, such as diagnostic labels NANDA, results criteria NOC or interventions NIC.

In addition, they also market the CTMAP, an SaaS solution developed by BITAC, which offers assistance in coding in ICD-10, by facilitating the automatic mapping of the local terms which are not standardized to standardized terms in CIM-10-MC/PCS. In addition, Costaisa contributes with its integration module for healthcare data and management, which should allow CTMAP connection with other GRD systems.

It is worth highlighting that BITAC has formed part of the teaching staff of HL7 Spain in the field of terminology implementation and participates actively in the LOINC Committee of the Regenstrief Institute, which is responsible for the LOINC database.