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Costaisa, Esblada and the future of pathological anatomy on the VII Digital Pathology Course of the SEAP

VII Curso de Patología Digital, ConganatToday saw the close of the VII Digital Pathology Course, held in Cádiz from 15-17 of October, which was organised by the Digital Pathology Club of the Spanish Society of Pathology (SEAP), led by Dr. Marcial García Rojo. Costaisa and Esblada attended the event in the capacity as partners, having commercialised Gestpath, a pathological anatomy lab management solution, for several years.

Gestpath, developed by Esblada and commercialised by Costaisa, covers the entire workflow related to anatomical pathology studies and integrates all the laboratory elements. It affords complete control over information linked to samples (applicant request details, material sent, processed, diagnosis, related invoice, etc.) and ensures sampling process traceability from the time the material is received to issuance of the report, including the related invoice.

During the sessions, the need was discussed for progressing in terms of the tools used in pathological anatomy, as it plays a key role in diagnosing illnesses, involving other medical specialities and the added value that entails.