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Decalogue to improve home, social and health care, centered on the person

Portada de la jornada de atención domiciliaria en La UnióCostaisa attended the presentation of the Decalogue for Comprehensive Home Care (ADI) of La Unió, which proposes to carry out a transformation of the model that considers the social and health needs demanded by society, to improve the quality of life from the environment closest to the person.

The employer advocates for individualized, safe, personalized and quality care, which responds to the changing needs of people who need it and their families, taking into account their participation, their values, their preferences and respecting their decisions as much as possible.

Costaisa is actively working on transforming the model thanks to Phemium, its telemedicine platform, which offers a teleconsultation environment with communication tools such as chat and video calling, a complete library of interaction components (dicom viewer, PROM forms and PREM, assessment scales or chatbot, among others) and a powerful process engine that allows you to easily configure any home care scenario.

La Unió is an association of health and social entities based in Catalonia, which represents 114 entities, with more than 750 healthcare devices and more than 65,000 professionals, in all health care lines: primary, hospitals, socio-health, mental health, rehabilitation, older people and disabilities.