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The Clinic and Costaisa sign a collaboration agreement for the implementation of their pharmaceutical prescription assistant

Equipo de Hospital Clínic y CostaisaHospital Clínic Barcelona and Costaisa have signed a collaboration agreement for the implementation of a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) that supports pharmaceutical prescriptions and is part of the Patient Safety policies.

The aim is to reduce potential errors in prescribing, and therefore, possible adverse effects on the patient with the corresponding social and economic cost that they entail.

The signing ceremony of the agreement was attended by Josep M. Campistol, General Director of the Clínic; Luis Recolons, General Director of Costaisa Group; Xavier Pastor, head of the Medical Informatics Unit of the Clínic; Concepción Camacho, Director of the Medicines Area of the hospital; Antoni Castells, Medical Director of the Clínic; Beatriz Muntaner, Director of Business Development of Costaisa Group; Jordi Campo, Director of the Health Area of Costaisa; Rafael Pardo, Senior eHealth Consultant of Costaisa; and Pablo Garzón, Business Manager of Costaisa.

Based on ontologies, this system allows the interaction between different clinical variables (biometrics, diagnosis, laboratory results) and the prescription, in real time, in order to return to the doctor alerts and recommendations for adjusting medication and its doses, based on the available evidence.

The agreement includes the constitution of an Editorial Board, from the clinical and pharmaceutical point of view, to maintain the system of alerts and recommendations in a consensual manner among all the users of the service, as well as the definition of new use cases. Likewise, the Clínic is in charge of carrying out the appropriate studies and procedures before the competent authorities to achieve the CE marking as a medical device category "medical device Type IIa" and to obtain the ISO accreditation applicable to the corresponding type of medical device, which is in its final phase of accreditation.

This is an initiative led by the Pharmacy Service and the Medical Informatics Unit of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​and Costaisa is its technological and commercial partner, to guarantee the arrival of the product on the market. The relationship between both organizations is long-standing, since the Clínic has found a technological partner specialized in health such as Costaisa, to help it materialize many innovation projects such as Docentis for monitoring residents or OntoCRF as a Data Collection Notebook (CRF) used by numerous national and international research teams.