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Clúster Digital invites Costaisa to present its vision on disruptive technologies in health

Ponentes del Día del Cluster y Rafael Pardo el segundo por la derechaThe Día del Clúster Digital has brought together in Mediatic the main references in innovative solutions and in digital key, and Rafael Pardo, Costaisa senior consultant in digital health and with a great career in health information technologies, has shown the public technologies that could be considered disruptive in the field of health.

In his speech Pardo said that "the value proposition in e-Health will be in the combination of low latency transmission technologies (5G, fiber optics) combined with IoT (wearables and medical devices), artificial intelligence (both machine learning and neural networks), telepresence (medical video consultation) as support systems for clinical decision (CDSS) and big data. These technologies will be key for the next revolution in health: moving from reactive medicine (intervening when the health problem has occurred) to preventive medecine, by studying the life habits of the population through the wearables data and consumption patterns, and introducing new healthy guidelines to actively prevent health problems. "

The day has had three round tables composed of experts from the sector to discuss the incidence of new technologies in current business models, both in traditional service providers and in the family daily economy (table 1); the use of artificial intelligence, big data, BIM and e-health (table 2); and the digitization of the entertainment industry (table 3).