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The e-patient has space on the I Course on Alternatives to the Conventional Attendance Model

Rafa Pardo en Jornada HUSECostaisa was invited to participate in the "I Course on Alternatives to the Conventional Attendance Model", held at the Son Espases University Hospital, which brought together over 200 people in the centre's conference hall.

Over the two intense days of work, experts in diverse disciplines (mainly assistance-related, but also management, technology and innovation, among others), have debated what the future assistance model will be like.

Rafa Pardo, senior consultant of eHealth at Costaisa, talked from the view point of e-patients: how they think and act, and how they expect to be assisted. A clear example of adaptation to the user experience of the "empowered" patient, which was presented at the event, was that of Blua, the telemedicine service of Sanitas that is based on the Phemium platform developed by Costaisa.

He also seized the opportunity to analyse what the design of clinical information systems should be like. "The technology has to be present and work without being noticed; if it is noticeable, it isn't working," said Pardo.