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The Connected Health Forum confirms the under-endowment of our health system in information technologies

Dr. Fàbregas modera debate en SEISCostaisa was present at the XVIII Meeting of the Connected Health Forum organized by the Spanish Society for Health Informatics (SEIS), which for two days and virtually, has brought together leading experts to present their experiences in digital health during the pandemic outbreak that we are suffering.

During the sessions, the resources under-endowment of the National Health System and the lack of consensus among Autonomous Communities were again evidenced, and the need to standardize, in order to be able to integrate health information systems and expand the clinical record to include structured information from the social and socio-health field, has once again been called for.

The Forum has had the participation of 25 speakers from different Autonomous Communities and with responsibility in the field of health information systems, who have reported the difficulties that have been encountered and how they have been faced. In general, all have also agreed on the need to increase both economic investment and human resources in the field of technology.