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The Bioinformatics Barcelona Plenary Session gathers key drivers of health information technology

Plenario BIBCostaisa attended the Plenary Session by Bioinformatics Barcelona (BIB) at the Casa de Convalesència, where a presentation was given on the progress reached by the different work teams leading the institution's activity.

Ana Rojas from the Biomedicine Institute of Seville (IBiS) ran the initial conference and presented a bibliometrics report on Bioinformatics Research in Catalonia developed by the Research Group on Biobliometrics (FCRi).

The BIB was founded several years ago with the intention of serving as a connecting link between administrative bodies, universities and knowledge centres, companies and civil society organisations in order to develop initiatives and collaborative dynamics that help make Barcelona and Catalonia the leading scientific hub in the southern Europe within the field of bioinformatics.