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The European project "E3 - E-health services everywhere and for everyone" is awarded the CELTIC-NEXT Innovation Award 2020

E3 project logoThe project "E3 - E-health services everywhere and for everyone" led by Vilynx and in which Asmedit and Costaisa have participated, among others, has received the CELTIC-NEXT Innovation Award 2020 which has valued the impact very positively of the business model and the results of the project since it was one of the few projects presented and led by SMEs. Three new companies have been created that are already commercializing the results of the project, which involves the hiring of 107 new employees, the generation of 12 new products and the improvement of another 14 already existing.

In essence, the project consists of a comprehensive platform that allows anyone to access digital health services from anywhere through videoconferencing services, using existing infrastructures in most homes.

Vilynx is a world leading company in artificial intelligence applied to the recognition of images and videos in the media sector and has exported its solution to the health sector, since it also allows the extraction of audio, video and text metadata for processing, facilitating thus the decision making of medical professionals.

Important partners from France, Finland, Poland, Turkey and Spain have participated in the project, including Costaisa, who joined the project in 2016 supporting Asmedit with our telemedicine platform Phemium.