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Hipermed project wins the EUREKA Innovation Award 2014

Eureka Innovation Award

The European research project Hipermed about healthcare technology and telecommunications, in which Phemium took part, has received the renowned Eureka Innovation Award during the Eureka innovation event that took place in Basel, Switzerland.

This award recognises investment projects which have been funded by the EU. It is awarded every year to European companies consortia, universities and research institutes with significant advances on the development of an innovative product, service or process.

The main focus of the Hipermed project was the development of advanced telemedicine services in an integrated and interoperable way, among all the European companies and organisations currently making efforts in this field.

Other participants were Karolinska Institutet, KTH, Merkum, i2CAT, OSM, Planet Media, BL, PSNC, Innova, Vestel, Vitec, Iecisa, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya y Université de Lorraine.

Phemium is the telemedicine platform developed by Costaisa which simulated a cardiac-respiratory patient rehab scenario, in collaboration with Fundació Clínic per la Recerca Biomèdica of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.