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Health Services of Navarre awards Costaisa and Esblada the contract for implementation of their anatomical pathology management solution

Complejo Hospitalario de NavarraThe temporary joint venture set up by Costaisa and Esblada will be responsible for implementing the information system that will manage the Anatomical Pathology Service of Health Services of Navarre, known as Osasunbidea. The solution to be implemented, Gestpath, covers the entire workflow related to anatomical pathology studies and integrates all the laboratory elements.

It was developed by a group of engineering experts and a team of pathologists with more than 20 years of experience and follows the guidelines set forth in the White Paper on Anatomical Pathology and the Spanish Organic Law on Data Protection. It affords complete control over information linked to samples (applicant request details, material sent, processed, diagnosis, related invoice, etc.) and ensures sampling process traceability from the time the material is received to issuance of the report, including the related invoice.

Gestpath has been implemented at 20 centres, where people in 320 positions spread out across Spain process more than 4,000 samples per day. Five of these centres have also placed their anatomical pathology departments at Gestpath's disposal to facilitate further developments and enhancements in the application.