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In 2015 Costaisa Group saved a total of 1,134 trees

MedioambienteThrough good environmental practices and staff awareness initiatives, we saved 1,088 trees at Costaisa and 46 at Sisemed in relation to the previous year.

In 2013 Costaisa and Sisemed were awarded ISO 14001 certification; this is an international environmental management standard which shows the actual commitment of the company to the sustainability and protection of the environment. There is a campaign to promote the recycling of waste, reduce the consumption of water, raise awareness among employees, reduce energy consumption and implement a sustainable transport strategy.

A significant proportion of emissions produced on a daily basis stems from the consumption of energy, heating, hot water and lighting. For instance, the emission of 0.3 tonnes of C02 is the same as planting one tree and the consumption of one tonne of non-recycled paper is the same as planting 15 trees.