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Innovation, digital transformation and change management at the heart of UCF's executive update

Asistentes al evento de update directivo UCfCostaisa has attended the now traditional managerial update organized every year by the Unió Consorci formació (UCf) for the members of La Unió and the Consorci de Salut i Social de Catalunya, which which was attended by Rubén Llop at the closing conference, where they focused on the levers of change organizations. Llop is a founding partner of the Institute for Transformational Leadership, located in Barcelona, ​​and is a recognized expert in strategy and senior management.

The event was also attended by leading experts in innovation and digital transformation, and in change management, who shared their vision and experience with the more than 300 attendees who gathered at the Telefónica auditorium. The experts agreed on the need to put the patient at the center of the process and commit to value-based medicine, which are precisely the pillars of the patient follow-up naveta initiative in which we have participated.

The focus was also placed on the need to propose realistic and achievable innovation initiatives, given the budgetary limitations and the resistance to change that occur in all organizations, which must also adapt to a new reality where professionals seek more autonomy from management and participate in decision-making processes.
UCf is a joint initiative of the Unió Catalana d'Hospitals and the Consorci de Salut i Social de Catalunya that offers various continuous training services to all companies in the health and dependency care sectors.