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Cyber security dominates discussion at the first interclusters workshop on medical IT systems

Jornada interclustersThe Clúster Digital de Cataluña and the Clúster de Tecnologías Médicas Healthtech organised a series of sessions on cross-cutting issues that focus on the interests of the relevant collectives they represent: IT systems and medical technology, respectively. Costaisa was invited to take part in this first edition on cyber security, a field in which it is a benchmark providing end-to-end IT services and health expertise.

Jordi Buisan, head of business development at Costaisa, tailored his talk around information security management from a broad perspective, from data security, custody systems or management software, to the security of different devices that can be used in a health organisation.

Other participants included Ferran Rodríguez, equipment, technology and procurement manager at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona; and Félix Villar, partner of IN2 Ingeniería de la Información.

This round of intercluster sessions addresses the need for collaborative efforts in identifying challenges to develop solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of key sectors driving the technology and health industries.