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The patient's experience is the key element for the transformation of the care model

Evento experiencia de paciente en La UnióLa Unió has organized the technical conference "The experience of the patient in a General Hospital" where the project carried out in the Hospital Plató by Athenea Solutions has been presented, who have been able to determine the entire healthcare path of their patients, and identify unmet needs. According to Roser Fernandez, General Manager of La Unió, "the patient experience is a key element of the care process and we have to do biopsychosocial approach to diseases, and this implies a transformation of care models".

Costaisa is a collaborating entity of La Unió and is also promoting projects where the patient's experience is protagonist but from the digital perspective, where it has been developing for years an important library of interaction components that occur in the face of the use of technology in the healthcare process (before, during and after the care act), with the corresponding collection and exploitation of quality data, which serve to make better decisions for our clients.