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Life-extending technology at the focal point of the health IT sector

Singularity UniversityEurecat and the Singularity University (SingularityU) organised an event to discuss life-extending technology. It is the first conference of a cycle of sessions that seeks to take a look at the opinions of experts in futuristic technology that are capable of inspiring innovative processes in companies.

Some of the concepts addressed included the capacity of exponential technology to extend our lives, big data and artificial intelligence, genetics, biotechnology or cryopreservation. Innovative ideas in these areas are pushing medicine forward and creating new business opportunities daily. Costaisa is also analysing these opportunities, especially those concerning information systems, an area in which we are market leaders.

The event also had participation from world-renowned speakers including Aubrey de Grey, co-founder and chief science officer of the SENS Research Foundation, which studies regenerative medical therapies and is the global benchmark in terms of anti-aging therapies; and José Luís Cordeiro, an internationally renowned futurist, member of the World Academy of Art and Science, Director of HumanityPlus and founding professor of SingularityU.