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ScoM: certification and quality management

Datos médicosThis software allows an efficient management of certification and quality management processes for healthcare organisations, by assisting decision making relating to commitment, control and corporate governance.

ScoM facilitates data entry, allowing to see online advance states and the document management related to it.

Functional features:

  • Managing certification processes
  • Online monitoring of standard commitment
  • Facilitating the quality auditor tasks
  • Optimising communication process between the quality team and the rest of the organisation
  • Supporting multiple standards
  • Document and indicator management
  • User-friendly interface

Technical features:

  • Completely over the Internet operation making the most of the web 2.0 potential
  • Easily integrated in other systems from the organisation
  • It allows to incorporate a customisation function according to your needs
  • It allows to incorporate the client's corporate image
  • User-friendly interface for the people involved in the certification process


Latest version:
V4.5 - 21/12/2016
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Available documentation:
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