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#NextEU funds also present at this year's SEIS Interoperability Forum

Ponentes en Foro de Interoperabilidad de la SEISCostaisa has attended the XI Meeting of the Interoperability Forum organized by the Spanish Society for Health Informatics (SEIS), which is a must for all those institutions and IT service providers that implement information systems projects in the health sector.

This year's edition has reserved a space to talk about the funds of the #NextEU European Recovery Plan because it is expected that they will cover the historic demands of the sector, to have a common interoperability framework for all the actors involved.

In addition, each year that passes, more complexity is added to the problem because new technologies and needs for interconnection of electromedical devices with information systems appear, which must be solved but there is no agreed model among manufacturers to make it effective.

Advances in the use of the FHIR standard, which is becoming an interoperability standard due to its semantic robustness, its ease of implementation and because it is based on modern web-based communication technologies (HTTP, XML, JSON, etc.) also played an important role.