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MantH: assets management and maintenance

ServiceManth is an application developed for the integral management of assets (medical equipment, facilities, buildings) and their maintenance using geo-references. Specifically adjusted to the health sector, it can be conveniently adapted to regulatory changes and it meets the different tracking and productivity requirements.

As it is modular, it allows scalability in maintenance management, and it adapts perfectly to the customer structure, allowing issue consultation displayed by department and the management of work orders classified by staff, machinery and materials (stock).

This is a solution available as client-server and user-friendly web environment. It is intuitive and simple, following usability and internet standards and allowing the management of all the information regarding assets through dynamic files associated to each of them. In addition, it can also organise concepts per category: cost centre, location, family, type, etc.


  • Preventive, legal-technical and regulatory maintenance
  • Asset tracking with RFID
  • Service request management: intervention, purchase, investment, enquiry, etc.
  • Map and geographical management
  • Detection of hidden costs and delays
  • Control of contracts, guarantees and SLAs
  • Setting of quality of service indicators
  • Cost reduction and equipment availability maximisation
  • Reporting
  • • Highly configurable by an advanced user with javascript


Latest version:
V7.4.30 - 25/11/2014
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