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More than 1,500 international congress attendees gather at the World Hospital Congress in Barcelona

WHCCostaisa has attended the World Hospital Congress that, in its 44th edition, has chosen the "ciutat comtal" as the venue for the more than 1,500 international congressmen who this week will be able to discuss the future of health systems and their transforming power of the economy, as it is a sector with great dynamism and capacity for innovation, especially after the impact of the covid pandemic worldwide and the increase in chronicity.

The congress is organized by the International Hospital Federation (IHF) together with the Unió Catalana d'Hospitals (UCH), which have selected the Congress Centre of Catalonia as the central venue for the event, since visits to different reference centers are planned.
Under the slogan 'People on board: Transforming Healthcare', the scientific contents of the congress consist of three main themes that have as a common point the transformation of health to improve people's quality of life.

Digital health will once again be the protagonist because of its capacity to accelerate the change in the healthcare model and guarantee equity in access to health systems, and is a perfect showcase to publicize our offer of services and solutions in the clinical field (HIS, telemedicine, decision support systems, nephrology, pathological anatomy and biomedical research) and non-clinical (billing and provisioning, resident tracking, interoperability and shift management).