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Mútua de Terrassa invites Costaisa to present its vision of the future in digital health

Mútua de Terrassa"Digital digital health of tomorrow, today" has been the title of the presentation made by Rafael Pardo, Costaisa senior consultant in digital health, who has a great track record in health information technologies, which has shown the public attendees technologies that could be considered futuristic until recently, but that are already being implemented in our country.

The "Conference: Digital Health, Challenges and Solutions" has been organized by Mútua Terrassa, and has had the participation of Mireia Gimenez, Head of Community Communication TEC-SALUT and Dr. Bienvenido Barreiro, Specialist in Pulmonology and Chief of the Outpatient Care Process of Mútua Terrassa, who spoke about telemedicine as a tool in the healthcare process.

In the second part of the day, a Brokerage Event was held, a networking space where attendees can hold meetings between bidders and service requesters to promote collaboration in digital health projects.