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Nephrology and health management make a date in Madrid with SEDISA and the SEN

Jornada de Nefrología

In Madrid, on 27 June, Costaisa took part in the first Nephrology and Health Management Workshop organised by the Spanish Society of Health Directives (SEDISA) and the Spanish Society of Nephrology (SEN). The workshop focused on the clinical management of chronicity in kidney diseases and the sustainability of the system with the introduction of innovation.

Reaching agreements with centre managers to secure functional and budgetary self-management was one of the main demands raised by sector experts in the field of clinical management.

In addition, the tendency of certain diseases to become chronic suggests that changes should be made to the model of care and that innovative management formulas should be introduced.

In this respect, the Costaisa portfolio of solutions includes Nefrolab: a departmental solution for Nephrology services from the preliminary stages of pre-dialysis through to the more advances stages of dialysis and transplants.