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OntoCRF: data collection and ontologies

OntoCRF is a tool that centralises data collection in a structured manner through ontology design, formalising and expressing the content, concepts and relationships in a field of interest. Furthermore, it is integrated into a responsive web environment so that any support type can be used (web, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

This solution allows researchers to:

  • Record and consolidate data
  • Specify the data model and explicit inclusion of knowledge
  • Create a collaboration environment and a user-friendly environment
  • Enter data via the Internet from different work stations
  • Use a multi-lingual option for any given research project
  • Have access to tools such as agenda and event management, document and image library and discussion fora
  • Subsequently perform data mining for analysis


  • No development, database maintenance and web application registration costs
  • No programming required
  • Prototypes available from the beginning through pre-configured demos
  • Automatic data storage and interface
  • Integration standard compliance with other information systems
  • Compliance with security and privacy requirements, through digital certificates and profile configuration
  • Structured and non-redundant growth of the study scope. Using ontologies allows users:
    • To decide the level of complexity they wish to give the conceptual system
    • Flexibility in modifying and extending variables in real time
    • Model analysis and reuse
  • To work independently from specialists in information systems for study parametrisation
  • Relational databases that can export the information recorded to data analysis systems (e.g. SPSS, Excel, etc.).


Latest version:
V3.1.3 - 15/06/2022
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Available documentation:
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