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Past and present of the computational facilities contracting in Spain

Equipo directivo de Costaisa Group visita el BSCCostaisa has visited the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, the reference science and engineering accelerator in Spain and part of the network of European supercomputing centers, to provide computing power to the research projects that are being financed.

A supercomputer allows calculations, simulations and analysis of large amounts of data that help research teams of all disciplines to advance quickly in their analysis models and drastically shorten the time of validation and arrival in the market of innovation.

Currently, the supercomputer allows 13,700 trillion operations per second… Simulating the interaction between drugs and proteins, reproducing fluid collision waves or efficiently locating wind farms, are some of the projects that this calculation capacity allows to address.

Saving the distances, Costaisa also owes its origins to the commercialization of calculation capacity… In the 60s large corporations began to explore the use of large computers for the mechanized data processing and Costaisa was the usual provider of companies such as Autopistas (now Abertis), Catalana de Gas (Natural Gas), Corberó, Seresco, Banco Atlántico, Catalana Occidente, Centrisa, Fabril Malla (Punto Blanco), Banca Catalana, BIT or Piensos Hens (Cargill), among others.

Today we continue to be an important provider of data processing services but we have expanded our service offer to cover most of possible services in the field of information technologies, with nearly 500 specialists in a wide range of disciplines: consultancy, implementation of technological solutions, infrastructure management, technical service, end-user support, training and change management.